I am a life hustler. Since I can remember I have always been on the lookout for legal ways of making money or making money go farther.

I was not born with a silver spoon, but that has not held me back from traveling and having the experiences that some of my friends were able to have only because their families could afford it.

I am a father of four, and a husband to a wonderful woman that has been part of this beautiful journey into frugality and really finding what is truly important to us, our family and our lives.

I am an accidental landlord, who has always been interested in real estate and continues learning more about the business hoping to get a few more properties on the way to FI.

I am an accidental teacher who has learned to love the art of teaching but still hates the B.S. and politics of the public school system.

I am not financially independent yet, but I am working towards reaching a comfortable financial situation in my next 10 years when I am planning to call it quits and move on to my next gig.

Last but not least, I guess I am a blogger now! I am planning to share all the hacks and ideas I know that make money go further in savings and investing.
No gimmicks, no magic, just plain and simple brain work. I don’t sell anything nor promote loaning your life away to buy real estate( Recipe for disaster) and become rich in a year.

I do think that some simple math and discipline can afford you a very comfortable life full of happiness.

If I can go from $800 to this point in my life of planning a potential great retirement, so can you!