Alright. This post doesn’t come with a print-out coupon but actually you don’t even need it to get some wicked savings! You won’t have to get in line the night before either and sleep in the cold.

As you know I have a large family, and without budgeting your food expenses food can really eat up your monthly savings. Would you believe me if I tell you that we have amazing meals under $1.50?

Yep! And it isn’t cardboard or merely crumbs for each plate. 

Usually we budget $150 for each week, for this family of six+one. That’s about $21 per day, $7.14 per meal; $1.02 per person. Pretty good as it is, I’d say.

However, comes Thanksgiving and my wife is ready to stock up our freezer. She just pays attention to the deals at our local grocery store by looking at the weekly ads they send in the mail.

Well, that’s it. No magic. We just got 4  twelve pounder turkeys, each at the amazing price of about $5.00!!!

On Sunday night we cooked the first one and had it for dinner. We made turkey sandwich lunches for the next day, then we had it again for dinner with stuffing and salad.

As we carved the turkey and uncovered the carcass, we decided to throw it in the Crockpot with some onions, canned corn, and spices to make some soup we had for dinner.  Next day, guess what we had for lunch? Turkey sandwiches! Dinner was another repeat of turkey, salad, stuffing and soup. The kids love it and so do we.

We have easily two more meals left and potentially one more of just soup. 

$4.77 for the turkey, $2.50 for the stuffing, $1.45 for celery, $1.25 for a can of corn. Total $9.97! Divided by seven meals it comes to $1.42 per meal. Divided by seven people, 3 adults and 4 kids, we come to $0.20 per person. If my calculations are right we are all eating like kings for under $2.00! That is a 81% savings, if you take the original $1.02 (102 cents) we usually budget per person  and divided by the 20 cents of our turkey hack.

Don’t miss out. In the meantime, I will keep an eye out for even better sale prices right after Thanksgiving! I might get it cheaper.

Saving big on Thanksgiving
That’s it folks. $4.77 for seven meals!
Thanksgiving super saving
We might buy some more to ensure the protein supply for months to come.