MadFientist  This is probably where everything started for me. Sitting on the couch with my wife, sipping some coffee, wondering what we could do to make our dollars go a bit farther. We listened to some Dave Ramsey on YouTube, and after that, a bit frustrated, we went out for a walk with a link suggestion from YouTube to this random guy known as Mad Fientist.
It was a very casual interview with Mike Kitces:

That sent me down the rabbit hole, and for the very first time made me wonder if I could ever retire; If that was something attainable for someone like me.
After listening to every single episode I started looking for that ONE interview, with that ONE lady with some buy and hold strategies for real estate- she really resonated with my ambitions and perspectives. Not to mention her ethos, “You can afford anything, but you can’t afford everything.” That’s how I landed in the hands of Paula Pant and J. Money at Afford Anything. I also started reading J. Money at Budgets are Sexy. She introduced me to Vicki Robin’s Your Money or Your Life. J. Money is a super cool and approachable guy that has a great presence on Twitter. He even sent a couple of collectible coins to one of my daughters!
Another great interview that became a beacon of hope for me was the one with Ed Mills at The Millionaire Educator by Mad Fientist. Not only  are his strategies great and well worth reading, but his approach to life and frugality are very practical and inspiring.
Then there is  Mr. Money Mustache and his blog  and forum of Mustachians, which is awesome to read and always has a different outlook on things. Through some of his readings I have become acquainted to some deeper concepts like the so called “hedonic treadmill.

Anyway, this has kind of been the path I have followed to be where I am. All the content put out by these bloggers has been a great source of inspiration and learning. I have read multiple books by the authors interviewed in many of these bloggers’ shows . Once you start it is REALLY hard to stop.

You can just shrug this off and go back to your paycheck to paycheck life, making monthly payments to your credit card, and with less than $1000 in your bank account. Or you can start learning about financial independence and never look back.

I try to share as much as I can on this blog. Strategies and daily hacks that have helped me to free myself of the burden of debt. 
Feel free to share and comment in any post as much as you want. If you need any help or opinion I am also willing to help.

Good luck!